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Our Vermont Kennel Fosters Happy, Healthy Russian Caucasian Puppies

NEK Caucasians began raising our breeding stock in 2016. We first purchased Queen of Sheba, and fell in love with the breed because of their fierce loyalty and because of how playful they are.

We bought our male, King Solomon later that year.

These two dogs soon showed us what true fun looks like. Jumping through the Vermont snow, swimming and splashing about in the water – no matter the season, going for long hikes, and thoroughly enjoying the world around them.

We knew that we had to share this breed with the world.

And so we began planning our kennel.

Along the way, we purchased a second male. Samson is our rare colored “puppy”, officially known as blue, he has a grey face that is quite striking.


Samson at 5 weeks old

It turned out that Samson was a full blooded brother to our first male. These two have been brothers since day one. They spend a lot of time together playing and exploring. They are so much fun to watch.

Vermont provides these giant dogs with the space they need and a climate they prefer. Caucasian Mountain dogs have long coats, and so the cooler temperatures are more suitable for them. There is also plenty of water to play in, mud in the spring to dig and roll in, and snow!

With our three Russian Caucasian Mountain dogs, we were ready to start breeding. Our first litter was born in December of 2018 and consisted of 9 pups.

Trips Abroad:

Solomon did not enjoy his airplane ride home from vacation in Costa Rica

Our dogs spend most of their time playing outside in our fenced in yard. But they spend a fair amount of time indoors with us, even coming to the office of our other business.

We found that socializing them was key, and as social dogs they like to get out and about.

Though we do have kennels in our large barn for the breeding dogs, they mostly spend their nights in our home. They are our pets and part of our family.




Samson patrolling our corn field

The puppies are touched and handled often. And the whelping pen is kept just off our kitchen.

Our home and kennel are located in Barton, Vermont on a small farm alongside the river.

Buyers are invited to come view our kennel and our puppies, by appointment, so that they can see the place where these dogs are kept and cared for.

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