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Samson is full grown now and nearly 200 pounds.  He is AKC registered but we have never bred him, as his older brother Solomon has such a high sperm count. (2 Billion per collection!)  We do sell sperm and Solomon’s never fails to produce a litter of puppies.

With Rare Blue coloring, Samson is a beautiful example of the breed, and he is still fully intact for breeding.  He makes a great guard dog as he is completely loyal and so large that most people do not approach unless you have him in down command.  He is very sweet natured and will come in the house to say hi but he prefers the outdoors and everything there is to do out there.

Samson is full brother of King Solomon, though from a different litter. He is AKC Certified and has an FSS Certified Pedigree.

Samson is a very sweet male. His favorite pastime is playing with his giraffes – this is the toy he prefers above all others.  He still thinks that he is a puppy, and his size doesn’t stop him from climbing into bed, snuggling on the couch, or trying to squeeze into spaces where he once fit as a little puppy.

He is full of energy, and loves to romp about with his brother in the fields and snow at our Vermont home.



Sire: Iza-Emaz-Dzar

Dam: Grrr Gretchum