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Russian Caucasian Puppies

We are looking forward to another litter as our Dam should be coming into heat soon. Click through for more details.  Read More…

male caucasian ovcharka puppy for sale with fawn coloring
male caucasian ovcharka puppy with funny facial expression
male causcasian ovcharka puppy sitting up, puppy for sale

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Family Editions

Any Day!!

I am very excited for my fur babies! Sheba is getting very close to birthing her pups. She is quite a trooper. She has gained over twenty pounds in the last two weeks. The rest of the pack knows that something big is about to happen. Solomon, Samson and Lil’ …


Family Update

Thanks to Kara R. for letting us spend a week with her 13 month old Caucasian Baloo. He is Lil’ Bear’s full sister and didn’t she enjoy playing with a sibling she hasn’t seen since they were both small pups! Baloo recognized his mother Sheba right away, and it was …