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Solomon says hi (12 months old)
Queen of Sheba (09/19)

We are so excited! Our Dam Queen of Sheba is going in for her vet check today. She is almost 4 years old and has had one litter of puppies. We waited out her last heat — wow, wasn’t Solomon upset! — and now she is ready to cycle again. We will be breeding her to Solomon’s younger brother, Samson, who is two, which was the same age Solomon was at his first breeding.

Samson is a rare blue color which means he is gray with gray blue eyes. He is AKC registered and has completed obedience training with a certificate to show for it. His pedigree is available online. He is Solomon’s full brother, just one year younger, meaning they were born to the same parents, one litter apart.

We are expecting puppies around Christmas and will be taking deposits soon. Anyone who would like to schedule a visit to meet Queen of Sheba and Samson on our farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, please contact us or call Tim at 802-473-8010.


Grey Girl at 6 months old June 2019

We do have two puppies here — one is our pet Lil Bear and she is not for sale. We also have Grey Girl who is the spitting image of Sheba. She was born last Christmas Eve and we have been reserving her as a breeding dog, for sale or trade, as we can’t breed her to her father Solomon or her uncle Samson!

Grey Girl is 7 months old and weighs 104 pounds. We picked her out as a breeding dog when she was only one day old! Her mother weighs 135 pounds and her father 175, so she could become a large dog. She has great confirmation and is especially friendly with a wag for everyone!

If you have interest in a newborn puppy this Christmas or a yen to start your own kennel with Grey Girl, please contact us!

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