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Queen of Sheba
Who’s Your Daddy?

Sheba’s vet check last week went great and she is good to go for a second breeding!

She should come into heat in the next 2 weeks which means we would be expecting puppies around Christmas, just like last year.

We are breeding her to a new stud, Samson.

Samson is a rare blue color which means he was born gray with blue eyes. Now that he is an adult, his eyes are turning hazel, which is part of the guidelines for Caucasian Orvcharka Foundation Dogs.  Samson is also AKC registered with champion bloodlines on his father’s side. His pedigree is available online.

Samson and Solomon

Samson is King Solomon’s full brother, just one year younger, meaning they were born to the same parents, one litter apart.

Anyone who is interested in a Christmas puppy, please contact us now.

We are not taking deposits yet, but you will have pick of the litter in the order that you apply for a pup.  We will know the number of puppies 20 days after conception when Sheba has her ultrasound. Then we will be accepting deposits and puppies will cost the same as last year, regardless of gender.  We are hoping for a blue!

Grey Girl

We also have Grey Girl, a female we have been raising as a breeding dog, available. She is Grizzle like her mother, Sheba and weighed in at 104 pounds at 8 months just a few weeks ago. She comes with AKC papers and also fits foundation dog guidelines. She is friendly, obedience trained, well socialized, and loves to swim. Her mother weighs 135 and her father weighs 170 and both are available to meet at our farm. We recommend not breeding her until she is two years old.

If you want to schedule a visit to meet Queen of Sheba and Samson or a puppy from last Christmas at our farm here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, call Tim at 802-473-8010. We can also show you photos of our last litter and where the puppies are now — spread from New England to the West Coast of California — we’d love to have you!


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