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We are excited to have so many inquiries about our next litter of puppies!

It has been so much fun meeting perspective pup parents and their dogs
via email, photos and over the phone.

We’d like to give a special shout out to Kathy and Bill, who came all
the way from Nebraska to find a companion for their Mastiff.

We knew our dogs were large, but their big boy is supersized!

Anyone else who would like to visit our farm in Vermont to meet Sheba,
our dam and Samson, our sire is more than welcome.  We also have our
daddy dog from last year, Solomon on the premises.

Our dogs are registered AKC foundation dogs who are well socialized and
treated as family pets. They are big, brave, protective and loyal.  They
have a lot of hair and they love to be brushed.

For such large dogs, they are great swimmers and often take dips in the
river that runs along our property.

We are expecting puppies in the spring and are taking $250 deposits only
from people that we’ve screened who have suitable environments for
large, protective dog like ours.

To be fair, we have decided that whoever places the first deposit gets
first choice of pups, and so on.  Last year we had nine puppies — 5
males and 4 females who all went to great homes!

We found out that some people choose a puppy based on gender or color,
and other people let the pup choose them!

If you’re serious about a puppy, please give us a call at 802 525 3311.

Last year’s pups with their new families:

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