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We just went to the veterinarian to get Lil Bear and her Uncle Samson
weighed in, as they are both approaching birthdays!

Lil’ Bear

As you may recall Lil Bear was born last Xmas eve and was the runt of the litter. She was the only twin and we were quite worried as she did not weigh even one pound and all the other pups were well over that. We are happy to report, that although Lil Bear will always be small, she is doing great! She only weighs 91 pounds at not quite 10 months, which is 40 pounds less than what her brother Mishka, who lives in California weighs. As it turns out, the Bear is just about the smartest one of the bunch and the sneakiest too! At our warehouse, she loves to snatch the whole roll of toilet paper out of the bathroom and at home she is often seen with a leftover ball of yarn instead of her squeaky toys.


Samson guarding the horses

Samson is a 22 month old pup and can’t wait to become our next Daddy Dog. He weighed in at 167 which is a nice weight for a dog approaching 2 and about to father his first litter. Our dam, Sheba, is a hefty 134 and we are expecting rare color pups as Sheba is a Grizzle and Samson is a Blue.


Samson on the lookout

Let us know if you’d like to visit or fill out a pup application! We will be taking reservations!

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