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After appointments at the veterinarian for over a week for progesterone tests, our dam Sheba was ready to be bred yesterday. We brought both her and the sire Samson to the insemination clinic.  As it turned out, Samson’s sperm count was not high enough to try breeding, possibly because he is still a puppy under 2 years old.

Big brother Solomon was called in to help and got the job done in fine style this morning.  He is a full brother to Samson, just one year older.  This will be Sheba and Solomon’s second litter of puppies.

Both parents are AKC registered as will be the litter, and we will be expecting pups in April.  We will know the approximate number of puppies after Sheba’s first ultrasound.


If you would like to reserve a puppy, please let us know as soon as possible by calling us at 802-525-3311 (land-line) or 802-473-8010 (cell).

Deposits are $500 and total cost of the puppy with a vet check and first shots is $2500. Last year, Sheba had 9 puppies, 5 male and 4 female.

We are so excited to be welcoming another litter to our farm in Vermont!

Tim and Cheryl Marschke

Aka Wonderful!
Solomon has company

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