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Now that Sheba is bred, we can’t wait for her ultrasound to find out about the puppies!

It is scheduled for Christmas Eve, which coincidentally is the day she whelped last year.

Tim is hard at work revamping the whelping pen and his new and improved indoor puppy playground, even though we won’t need it as much as we did last year when the puppies were born in winter.

We expect Sheba’s second litter this spring!

Tsar, laying beside his mother Sheba with Lil Bear in the foreground.

Interested in a pup?

Just give us a call if you’d like to see our dam and sire or one of last year’s pups — Tsar (male) and Sasha (female) live close by and are always up for a visit to our farm.

They are 11 months old and weigh well over 100 pounds each — Tsar has wonderfully black markings like his dad and Sasha is beautiful shaded grays like her mother.

Call us at 802 473 -8010 to make an appointment!

Tim and Cheryl


Tsar standing and Lil Bear sitting, take a breather from playing tag with toys in the snow.
Tsar is now as tall as his mother Sheba and weighs at least 20 pounds more than Lil Bear at 11 months.
The Lil Bear loves to play with her twin brother and is very possessive of her playmate whenever he comes to visit.

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