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caucasian-ovcharka-male-standing-in-snowA week from today (Christmas Eve) is Sheba’s ultrasound when we’ll find out about our NEK Russian Ovcharka puppies!

Our dam Sheba was bred at the veterinarian’s almost 3 weeks ago with an insemination from Solomon, our 3 year old 180 pound daddy dog.

This will be the second litter of purebred puppies that Solomon has fathered, but he’d like to have more!

According to our vet, Solomon is a large producer — he has 2.8 billion sperm to go around!

We are offering Solomon for canine reproductive services, either here in Vermont or in the form of frozen cryo Units.

If you would like to bring your dam to Vermont, the Veterinary has facilities and our farm is only 30 minutes away, so we can bring the stud to the clinic.

If you wish for insemination elsewhere, a reputable storage facility such as Zoetis is authorized to ship Solomon’s cryo units.

Call us at 802 473 -8010 if you’re interested!
Tim and Cheryl

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