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Thanks to Kara R. for letting us spend a week with her 13 month old Caucasian Baloo. He is Lil’ Bear’s full sister and didn’t she enjoy playing with a sibling she hasn’t seen since they were both small pups!

Baloo recognized his mother Sheba right away, and it was a little bittersweet as Sheba is about to give birth again, and our cycle of puppies and finding them the right matches for forever homes will continue.

Our dam is heavy with unborn pups and her milk sacs are starting to descend. Only a little more than two weeks until she whelps — we can’t wait!

Tim already has our new Puppy Play Place set up, even though the babies will be in the whelping pen with their mom for at least 3 weeks.

Let us know if you’d like to visit!

Several puppies are spoken for, but not all — come visit mom, dad and the litter if you think a pup is right for you!

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