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Last night we received a request to rescue a puppy that was dropped off at a shelter in Western New York.

She was found at 8 months, and due to divorce lost her relationship with a family who had 5 children.  Now 3 months later, the shelter has tried multiple times to place her and she always comes back because of what the adoptive families see as belligerence and aggression.  This dog has certainly seen trauma, and the shelter would like us to take her in an effort to socialize her and in the hopes of rehoming her someday.

We are thinking that we should foster this dog, but have never done rescue work before.  Any suggestions?

This is the message we got from the woman who runs shelter:

We are a small rescue in Western NY that took in an 8 month old Caucasian a while ago, we have tried to place her a couple of times but she does not do well once she moves in. We have had no issues with her at the shelter but we can no longer try and place her.  Do you know of any rescues that work with this breed?
Thank you,

Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue


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