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I love to post great things about my pups and grown dogs, but sometimes some dogs aren’t quite as lucky to get as much love as my beasts do.
A shelter in western New York has a one year old female Caucasian that hasn’t been able to re-home her. She has been bounced around from house to house(with other large breed dogs) with limited success. She has had virtually no training, very little socialization and no place to call home.
This will be my first venture into being a foster home. I know Chloe will need a lot of work, but more importantly, time and patience. I look forward to the day she gains my trust and is able to enjoy days on the farm interacting with the rest of my dogs.
This breed needs a place, to love and trust or the outcome will not be the best.
My hope is give Chloe a comfortable home where she can trust others again.
A huge shout out to the shelter for their dedication and perseverance..

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