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Update 10/03/2021


I’m sorry for my delayed responses and outdated website! With fall coming in, it has been a busy time.
The website will be getting many new updates over the next several days.
I do not currently have any puppies for sale, but are taking reservations for the next upcoming litter in the very early spring. I will be accepting two hundred dollar deposits from serious inquiries that I have interviewed. I do have a couple of rescues that I would love to rehome.
Please feel free to contact me by email or my cell phone at:
Thank you,













Update March 9

Today the puppies are 5 weeks old and scampering all around.  Not only
do they have distinct personalities, but they have a wide range of color
markings too!

We only have 7 pups unspoken for and are updating their photos today!

Looking for a rare color?  We have 1 black female, 1 gray female, and
one unusual blond fawn male.

Check them out on our puppies for sale page.


I love to howl!
Waiting for breakfast!