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Puppy Update!

Update March 9 Today the puppies are 5 weeks old and scampering all around.  Not only do they have distinct personalities, but they have a wide range of color markings too! We only have 7 pups unspoken for and are updating their photos today! Looking for a rare color?  We …

Rescue Pup

Rescue Pup Update

Rescue Pup Update Our new rescue puppy, Chloe, arrived late yesterday afternoon by animal transport from Western New York. Thanks to the generous donors at the Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue for providing her transport! Chloe was very tired after her overnight ride, but was in good spirits and happy to …

Rescue Pup

Rescue Dog

I love to post great things about my pups and grown dogs, but sometimes some dogs aren’t quite as lucky to get as much love as my beasts do. A shelter in western New York has a one year old female Caucasian that hasn’t been able to re-home her. She …

The Family

Snow Day!

Up here in the northeast kingdom of Vermont, we had an incredible two day snow storm! The big dogs love to lay and watch the snow come down enjoying the peacefulness. When it was done though…it was time to play!



Just a quick update! The pups are already starting to get fat and mobile, Momma is doing great and is incredibly attentive! I am looking for forever homes, so please contact me if you are interested!