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Looking for a Russian Caucasian Puppy?

Update 10/18/2021

My Queen of Sheba after returning home from six nights in ICU for an intestinal blockage caused by baked beef bones. I will never, ever give any of my dogs these types of “treats” again!!

My Sheba! (over 6yrs ago)
Maggie and Mom











Update 10/17/2021

Here is what you can do with all the fur when the dogs blow their coats! I’m selling it on Etsy!! Let me know if you have interest








Update 10/15/2021

I just got some more photos of another one of my pups at their forever home!

Super spoiled!










Update 10/14/2021

I just received several photos of some of my pups at their forever homes! Who says they can’t be family dogs?!?


















Update 10/23/2021

This is my Gypsy Girl! She is from Bulgaria and has grown into a wonderful girl.

She is extremely tall and full of life! Her colors are incredible, the grays and blacks on her chest and forelegs are astonishing.

When she gets old enough, I bet she will have beautiful pups!

Gypsy Girl!
On the move!










Update 10/08/2021

I am very lucky to see one of my rescues  almost everyday with her forever family. It’s wonderful to see the changes she has made.

To see Chloe flourish and enjoy people and love her daily walks is extremely heartwarming considering when she came from the shelter she wouldn’t trust anyone and was quite aggressive when asked to do anything.

Mike and Chloe!
She knows my truck!
I love watching her being so happy!















Update 10/07/2021

I have a young dog that came to me for aggressive behavior many months ago. She also had a condition referred to as “cherry eye”. I think that it might have been part of her issues. The veterinarian did a fantastic job on her surgery and she has made huge advances in her attitude.

Sky is a very sweet girl that loves to sleep at the foot of the bed and snuggle on the couch. She would love a home with preferably no kids and no other household pets. She does like people,but is wary of those she does not know.

Please contact me if you might be interested!





Update 10/05/2021

This is Ivan! He is a pup from my very first litter that came back to me due to a family break-up. I am lucky enough to be able to rehome him with his full sister Lil’Bear!

I did not want either of these to sweet pups to leave, but I know the home where Lil’Bear is and that she would love to have her brother with her. They haven’t seen each other in several months and I’m sure tails are going to wag!

Ivan the Terrible!
He’s never terrible
He’s just a sweetheart!
I like this!


Update 10/03/2021


I’m sorry for my delayed responses and outdated website! With fall coming in, it has been a busy time.
The website will be getting many new updates over the next several days.
I do not currently have any puppies for sale, but are taking reservations for the next upcoming litter in the very early spring. I will be accepting two hundred dollar deposits from serious inquiries that I have interviewed. I do have a couple of rescues that I would love to rehome.
Please feel free to contact me by email or my cell phone at:
Thank you,
Not for sale

Already found their forever home!

Natasha…one of my Dams!











Update 05/07/2021

Boy, how time flies! Pups are growing like crazy and love being on solid food. They are incredibly active and enjoy romping around their playpen.They are definitely showing their personalities!

I have four males and two females that are looking for their forever homes. Please get in touch with me if your family is interested. The pups will have their first vet visit in a couple of weeks and will be ready to go!

Little puppy pile!
Food coma!
Cuddle time!
Whatcha watchin’?
I like this show!
We love the couch!



















Update 04/24/2021

I have finally gotten some photos of my pups!

Natasha has ten beautiful little tanks! They are incredibly hard to get pictures of because of all their wrigglin’ around.

If you are interested, I do still have a few pups looking for their forever homes.















I’m sorry it has been so long since I have updated my site!

Natasha is pregnant and due at the end of the month. She is a beautiful fox fawn color and very large. I can’t wait to see her pups. She has a wonderful temperament and King Solomon is a fantastic oaf!

The pups are $2,500 regardless of gender and come with papers but, not including breeding rights. The pups will have their first round of shots before they go to their forever homes.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me!

King Solomon



















Update 10/29/2020

The pups are already running around in their new play pen!

Their eyes are all open and they are learning their voices. They love all the new food options they have.

It’s hard to believe that I have two males left. If you are interested, please get in touch!

Very Sleepy!
Dig in!



























Almost a year ago a rescue center contacted me about a Caucasian that they were having a very difficult time  finding a home for. Chloe is here and doing just fine! She still has some issues, but she trusts me and I her so it works. The rescue center contacted me today asking me about her. The volunteers apparently ask about her frequently.

Chloe is in the center!
Samson stayed by the tree!


















Update 10/23/2020

Hello everyone! It’s been a fun few weeks, Pups are starting to open their eyes and are getting up on all fours. They are squirming little buggers!

As of right now, I have only two males left, here are three photos each of the two boys.  They would love to meet their forever homes!

You woke me up!
Ready for a snack!
Where’s Mom?
I want to back to bed!
I was the first one to bark!


















Update 10/07/2020

The pups are incredibly cute! They haven’t opened their eyes yet, but are crawling all around.

There are only FIVE left that are looking for homes. The two girls are larger than the remaining three boys.

Sheba has been a fantastic mom and is extremely vigilant. She is such a sweetheart too watch!

Puppy Pile!
More fur balls!
Cuddle buddies!
Sleeping beauties
About to wake up!



























Update 10/03/2020

Sheba did a wonderful job!

She had TWELVE healthy pups! She was a real trooper, tending to those pups all day and night.

Two of the pups are spoken for and the forever homes are getting frequent updates.

My other beasts know something magical has been going on inside. I love watching the other dogs behavior change when they sense and smell new beginnings.

I would love to speak with any interested families about forever homes for these pups!

Sheba with the first pup!
The puppy pack!
Proud Mama!
Cute little face!
Everyone’s happy!
I’m not the youngest anymore:(
What’s going on in there?
Time to play!


























Update 10/01/2020

Sheba is resting comfortably, but has yet to have her pups, the poor girl!

One of her pups(when they arrive) has found a forever home.

I can’t wait to meet these little puff balls!















Update 09/28/2020

Sheba is getting very close! The poor girl is resting comfortably in her whelping pen with her fan giving her a nice breeze.

I think tomorrow will be the night!












Update 09/27/2020

Happy Sunday morning!

Sheba’s whelping pen has just been set up in my foyer and she is starting to nest! She didn’t seem to mind me trimming her belly hair. Want to make sure those cute pups can easily nurse!

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest in one of my pups becoming part of your family!














Update 09/26/2020

Hello again!

One of the pups is now spoken for!

That now makes 9 little ones left, I hope to meet some more forever homes!







Update 09/25/2020

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a long time since my last post.

Sheba had X-ray confirmation on her litter today! She is expecting to have 10 pups next week!

As of today, I am accepting deposits.

A five hundred dollar deposit is required and I accept and prefer PayPal.

This will be Sheba’s third and final litter. She and her mate Solomon have beautiful coloring and sweet dispositions.

I encourage the forever homes to come and visit the farm and see the parents.

The litter will be AKC registered.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.



Sheba with her last litter!



















Update 08/227/2020

It looks as though there will be another litter from Sheba, Waiting on the confirmation from the veterinarian in just a couple of days! There is quite a waiting list and I will let everyone know what the ultrasound says.

The dogs love the cooling temperatures and are anxiously awaiting the fall weather , unlike some of us!

Hi Dad!
What you lookin” at?
My Lil’ Bear
Chloe is glad to have found this as her forever home!
I am the Bulgarian Princess!

















Update 08/27/2020

Welcome Back Fenrir!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Fenrir, the male pup that was
our 2020 Ground Hog’s Day pick of the litter back into our fold.

Fenrir is a black masked fawn puppy 6 months old who was the largest
male from Sheba and Solomon’s 2020 litter this spring.

He was purchased by a couple from Maine who fell upon hard economic
times due to job loss caused by the pandemic.

Unselfishly, they contacted us requesting that we might help offer the
life this large breed puppy deserves.

Fenrir is not for sale, but we are hoping to breed him to our Bulgarian
Princess Gypsy Girl one day.

Hi there!
Who wants kisses?!?
Where’s my treats?
















Update 07/02/2020

I am back from a crazy trip!

Two new females with completely different bloodlines have become part of my pack.

Natasha is a breeding age female that is a beautiful fox fawn color and Gypsy Girl is a first generation pup from Bulgaria, They have adjusted well with the others and I can’t wait to show more photos!

Gypsy Girl!
Sheba meeting Gypsy
Natasha and Gypsy


















Update 06/19/2020

Hello everyone! My apologies for not updating my posts.

I am currently packing for a trip to acquire a mate for Samson and will be returning in a couple of weeks. Sheba has had two wonderful litters and I plan on having only one more with her.

It seems so strange not to have any pups underfoot!! The other sweet beasts don’t mind since they get extra attention now.

Samson and Lil’ Bear
More of the Doofus!
Good boy Baloo
Dozer and Diesel at their forever home!
























Update 05/26/2020

It’s a bittersweet time here at the kennel. All of my pups have gone to their forever homes! I did not expect them all to be gone so quickly. It was wonderful to meet all of the families.

I intend to have one more litter with Sheba later this fall. I am in the planning phase of going on a trip to acquire another female in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to all the families that did make the journey and also thank you to everyone that showed interest in my dogs and pups. I will continue to update my site with progress of the rescues and all the dogs enjoying the summer that has finally arrived.

I am not taking deposits on the next litter, but I am taking reservations.

Thank you everyone!!

Jumper is on her way!






















Update 05/08/2020

How time flies! I would say that my dogs and pups thoroughly enjoy these days of splendid isolation since they get even more attention.

I’m happy to say that one of my last remaining three girls is going to her forever home! My sweet pup I nicknamed “Runtsy” is now “Hera”


I have only two females left and they have all of their vaccinations. Everyone is healthy and happy up here in the NEK, except for those of us that are sick of the snow(it did snow this morning!).






















Update 04/14/2020

It has been a strange couple of weeks! A positive aspect is that the four remaining girls have been getting even more attention. They really are at the stage to bond with a family and get individual TLC. Their personalities are showing rapidly and I love them all beyond words.

My own pets and rescues, along with the sweet pups has given me much joy in these uncertain times.

She likes to jump!
This girl is a monster!
Her nickname is Silverback!





















Update 04/01/2020

Only four females left!! Maximus headed to his new home today, which is always bittersweet.

Over half of them have left in just the last few days and I am grateful to have been able to meet the families.

Please feel free to reach me if you have interest!

Meeting the big brother!
Headed to Maine!
Michigan bound!
Two brothers going to Indiana!























Update 03/27/2020

Pups are going fast!
What an incredible week! Several pups have headed to their forever homes! A family is braving the roads to come from Indiana to get the two last males(I’m so glad they are going together) and another is coming from Michigan to get a huge female pup for their family. I only have four females left and they are huge!!



ANOTHER 03/25/2020 UPDATE!

Since most everyone is staying home, what better time to bond with a new puppy?!?
I have been lucky enough to spend extra time with the pups and rescues.
Another pup is heading to his forever home this afternoon, so the day will be a little bittersweet
          Thinking about a beautiful purebred large breed Caucasian?

We have some huge pups to choose from as you can see.

Some people seem to always want the boys, but I definitely prefer the ladies!

Heading Home!
Puppy Galore!
What else is there to say!
Take us home!








































Update 03/17/2020

The puppies are growing up fast and their are several still looking for their forever homes! In these strange times having a cute ball of fluff to have is a wonderful thing. I’ve added a photo of Uncle Samson just to show what they will grow into!

Waiting for playtime!
Let us out!
Uncle Samson!









Update 02/09/2020

Today we’re updating photos of pups that are still available — we have
males and females in all colors and sizes, and they will be ready to go
to new homes in 3 weeks.

Pups are already on solid food, drinking from water dishes and gaining
weight fast!

If a puppy catches your eye, just give Tim a call at 802 525 3311 for

Waiting for breakfast!
I love to howl!










Male Yellow Collar Pup
Male Orange Collar Pup
Female Pink Collar Pup
Female Green Collar Pup
Female Aqua Collar Pup
Female Baby Blue Collar Pup
Female Lilac Collar Pup


















Update 03/04/2020

These cuties are ready for breakfast!


We’re hungry!!
Hurry up and feed us!
















Update 03/03/2020

Pups are growing fast! They definitely developing their own personalities. Here are a few shots of them that I took playing in their whelping pen.

Their point of view!
Where’s dinner?
Where’s the bowl?
I want dinner!



















Update 02/29/2020

Exciting snowy weekend here, three male pups have been sold! A family just came from Maine and picked out a sweet pup to become part of their family! I love when I get to spend time with my pups forever families. It is very important to me to know where my sweet pups are heading!

My new Mom!
My New Mom and Dad!
Someone’s Happy!
Solomon was that small once!

















Update 02/27/2020

Had a lot of fun taking photos of the pups looking for their forever homes!

Sold! Meet Maxuimus!!
Sold! Meet Fenrir!!
Male Yellow Collar Pup
Sold! Everyone meet Diesel! He is going to live with his big brother Dozer!
Male Orange Collar Pup
Female Green Collar Pup
Female Baby Blue Collar Pup
Female Pink Collar Pup
Female Aqua Collar Pup
Female Lilac Collar Pup

































Update 02/26/2020

More pups that are looking for forever homes!


I was the first to run!!
Sweet little girl!










Update 02/26/2020

Look at the cuteness!

Does someone want to take me home!
I’m going to be a big boy!
So much For naptime!
Looking for someone to take me home!











Update 02/22/2020

Sheba and the pups just moved into a much larger space! The pups are growing so fast, they needed a much larger place to start to roam around.

New pen!
Much Better!
More leg room!
Happy pups!
















Update 02/19/2020

The puppies have all opened their eyes and started walking! Some of them are learning to howl and scratch their ears. It is the cutest thing to watch!

Pups ready for a nap!
I’ve learned to sit!
It was a long morning!










Update 02/17/2020

Photos below have been updated!!

Update 02/17/2020

Puppy Litter Update

Our 10 tiny pups were two weeks old yesterday and have opened their little blue eyes.  Coloration wise, we still have 3 dark ones which is very rare for Caucasians.

Their whelping collars have arrived and we will be posting more photos in our Caucasian Puppies for Sale section.

All but 2 puppies are for sale.  If there is a certain pup you are fond of, please refer to it by Gender and Number when contacting us by email or phone.

Email is and phone is 802 473 8010.

We’ve got some beautiful rare pups that will grown into impressive large breed dogs.


Update 02/16/2020

I will be updating photos with their brand new whelping collars! It will make it much easier to pick out your puppy and also to watch it grow!

Male Black Collar Pup 1
Male Blue Collar Pup 2
Male Yellow Collar Pup 3
Male Orange Collar Pup 4
Male Red Collar Pup 5
Female Green Collar Pup 6
Female Pink Collar Pup 7
Female Lilac Collar Pup 8
Female Aqua Collar Pup 9
Female Baby Blue Collar Pup 10

Update 02/14/2020

I had so much fun taking pictures of all the pups today! Please check the pictures out on today’s dog blog (they made me work for those photos!)

  • Cute little bugger!


    A bit sleepy!
    Nice little paws!
    Eyes starting to open!
    Ready for a nap!
    Stop bothering me!!
    I want my Mom!

    Enough is enough!



Update 02/13/2020 Puppy Cuteness!

Starting this weekend you can visit these beautiful puppies!

Update 02/02/2020: The litter has arrived! I will be posting photos of the pups just as soon as they get up and running around!

Update 01/01/2020: We are expecting our 2020 litter of Caucasian Ovcharkas the last day of January! Ring in the new year with one of our purebred pups — we are taking reservations now! For more information, contact Tim at or give us a call at 802 473 8010.

Our registered male (Sire) King Solomon and Queen of Sheba (Dam) had a litter of puppies last Christmas Eve here in the Northeast Kingdom.  We sold 7 of the 9 puppies and kept a breeding female (Grey Girl, grizzle like her mother) and the runt Lil Bear whom we have had spayed and she is a family pet. Both pups have had obedience training and we have Grey Girl for sale or trade.

Our big news is that we have a new stud, who is King Solomon’s full brother, Samson. Samson not only has the breeding and stature to be a sire, but he has just turned 2 years old and is a Blue Boy, meaning he is gray with gray blue eyes. He has been through  obedience training, has his certificate, and is AKC registered.

We plan to breed Samson and Sheba this fall and will hopefully be expecting Sheba to whelp between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  These will be pure bred puppies born to AKC registered parents and new owners will be free to register them.

If you are interested, please let us know. We will not be taking deposits until Sheba’s ultrasound shows the number of puppies, which will be 20 days after conception. We will not know the color until the pups are born. All puppies that are Grizzle or Fawn will cost the same as last year, which was $2,500 independent of gender.

A blue puppy, male or female will be more — we have only ever seen one and we own him.

Our dogs are well socialized, live at our farm with us, and are wonderful water dogs — we live on a river, please view some of our Dog videos if you’d like to see the puppies swim.

They are protective, loving, very intelligent and great family dogs.  They tend to get quite large — even our female weighs 135 and the big boys 175 – 180 pounds.

If you are interested, please add yourself to our list. 

Tim and Cheryl Marschke 

Litter 1

Sire: King Solomon – Dam: Queen of Sheba