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Meet Our Dogs

Breeding Female:

Queen of Sheba

Our breeding female, Queen of Sheba, has given birth to her first litter.

Sheba is a 135 lb. Grizzle colored female with AKC registered bloodlines. At 3 years old, she is a

beautiful Caucasian Ovcharka.

Sheba is AKC Certified.

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Our Males:

King Solomon

This is our 170 lb. sire, Solomon.

This 2 year old male has traditional fawn coloring, and is a fine example of the breed.

Large, protective, but playful and sweet, he is our big baby.

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Samson is a rare blue Caucasian Ovcharka, light gray with blue eyes.

At just over a year, he is still very much a puppy.

He is King Solomon’s full brother and will attain his adult size at 2
years old.

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