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King Solomon was born September 3, 2016.
He weighed 170 lbs. just before our female came into heat last fall.

Solomon is fawn colored with brindle markings. He is an AKC certified Ovcharka with an FSS Certified Pedigree.

Solomon has sired 1 litter with Queen of Sheba. View the puppies for sale from this litter.

He is available for Artificial Insemination – Contact Us for more details.

King Solomon has been through obedience training, and has been well socialized. Our dogs spend a lot of time traveling with us and Solomon has even been to Costa Rica. He enjoyed the plane ride and the ocean immensely.

Though he is a giant dog, Solomon thinks he is a puppy. He loves to snuggle on the couch, and insists on being as close as possible to us when he is in the house.

Living in Vermont, Solomon gets to enjoy winter. He loves playing in the snow, dragging around frozen tree branches and large chunks of ice, and of course swimming in the icy waters of the stream near our Kennel.

Sire: Iza-Emaz-Dzar
Dam: Grrr Gretchum

He prefers the snow!
But, doesn’t mind a little sun!

Sperm Analysis: King Solomon