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Samson is still too young to be a breeding sire, but in due time he’ll join Solomon as a breeding male.

With Rare Blue coloring, our puppy is a beautiful example of the breed.

Samson is a full brother of King Solomon, though from a different litter. He is AKC Certified and has an FSS Certified Pedigree.

Samson is a very sweet male. His favorite pastime is playing with his giraffes – this is the toy he prefers above all others.

He still thinks that he is a puppy, and his size doesn’t stop him from climbing into bed, snuggling on the couch, or trying to squeeze into spaces where he once fit as a little puppy.

He is full of energy, and loves to romp about with his brother in the fields and snow at our Vermont home.



Sire: Iza-Emaz-Dzar

Dam: Grrr Gretchum