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Update 08/31/2022

Hearing about the animal abuse and neglect case in Nevada of more than 250 Caucasian Ovcharkas, I was deeply dismayed.
I was contacted by a reporter that wanted to learn more about the breed.
Please follow the link see the interview!
I hope I did something positive for the breed.









Update 08/13/2022

Hello everyone,

I have several sweet dogs that really need forever homes.

Each of them have come to me for various reasons and each had some issues.

They all have come a very long way in their progress.

Please help me find them homes, I pay for all their needs out of pocket and I know they would love undivided attention!















Update 12/15/2021

My Sweet Skye!

Looking to Adopt?

We have retrained and placed almost all of our dogs ready for rehoming.

The dog we have ready now is a small sweetheart named Skye.

She is a purebred AKC Foundation dog who was born here at our farm in
Barton Vermont and sold like any other puppy.

The new owners spayed her very early which accounts for her size —
today she is full grown at the age of 2 years old and only weighs 91 pounds.

With her first owners, she also felt neglected, and did not get the
socialization and attention that she craved, as she was considered an
outdoor dog.

The last straw was when she developed an eye condition that required

Skye and her vet papers we literally dropped off at our farm in the
night.  We had no idea the owners were coming to give her back.

Skye’s surgery went well and she now sees perfectly out of both eyes.
She has also developed into a sweet, friendly dog and loves to be inside
or outside.

She does not particularly like other dogs and would do well in a setting
with just one person or a couple with no other dogs.

Interested? Call for an appointment.

Skye with her friend Erica!
Skye, Fenrir and Erica!












Rescue Dog Update

These dogs are all purebred Russian Caucasian and are either rescue
dogs, or pups that we have sold that came back to us.

They are free to approved homes — please contact Tim privately if you
think you would like a rescue. All information we have will be provided
including vet records.


Chloe is a rescue dog who came to us after being bounced around shelters
in upstate New York. Her unhappiness began when she was a young pup.
The couple who owned her divorced and left her at a shelter promising to
return, but they never did. Chloe had absolutely no puppy hood and grew
very defensive toward other dogs. As the months passed, she was adopted
many times but always returned because of her aloof manner. Finally the
shelter called us with her story and we agreed to take her. They had a
fundraiser to pay for Chloe’s spaying and transport.

When we got Chloe last year she was a large 10 month old pup who ignored
us out of fear and shelter imposed self reliance. She had never met
another Russian Caucasian. Imagine her surprise with a whole barn full
of them! Chloe almost immediately started playing with our yearling
dogs like a normal pup.

Now Chloe is 2 years old and ready for a new home. She is very friendly
and loves attention. She is spayed, and well socialized with vet
records up to date. She would do really well with a single person or


Chloe’s first day!