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Rescue Dog Update

These dogs are all purebred Russian Caucasian and are either rescue
dogs, or pups that we have sold that came back to us.

They are free to approved homes — please contact Tim privately if you
think you would like a rescue. All information we have will be provided
including vet records.


Chloe is a rescue dog who came to us after being bounced around shelters
in upstate New York. Her unhappiness began when she was a young pup.
The couple who owned her divorced and left her at a shelter promising to
return, but they never did. Chloe had absolutely no puppy hood and grew
very defensive toward other dogs. As the months passed, she was adopted
many times but always returned because of her aloof manner. Finally the
shelter called us with her story and we agreed to take her. They had a
fundraiser to pay for Chloe’s spaying and transport.

When we got Chloe last year she was a large 10 month old pup who ignored
us out of fear and shelter imposed self reliance. She had never met
another Russian Caucasian. Imagine her surprise with a whole barn full
of them! Chloe almost immediately started playing with our yearling
dogs like a normal pup.

Now Chloe is 2 years old and ready for a new home. She is very friendly
and loves attention. She is spayed, and well socialized with vet
records up to date. She would do really well with a single person or


Chloe’s first day!