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Family Editions

Any Day!!

I am very excited for my fur babies! Sheba is getting very close to birthing her pups. She is quite a trooper. She has gained over twenty pounds in the last two weeks. The rest of the pack knows that something big is about to happen. Solomon, Samson and Lil’ …


Family Update

Thanks to Kara R. for letting us spend a week with her 13 month old Caucasian Baloo. He is Lil’ Bear’s full sister and didn’t she enjoy playing with a sibling she hasn’t seen since they were both small pups! Baloo recognized his mother Sheba right away, and it was …


The Puppies are Coming!

Last year, Sheba whelped on Christmas Eve. This year, Christmas Eve was her ultrasound appointment. The vet counted 5 viable puppies that were large enough to show up on the scan this afternoon, and advised us to expect more. She said Sheba may give birth to double that many as …


We Can’t Wait!

A week from today (Christmas Eve) is Sheba’s ultrasound when we’ll find out about our NEK Russian Ovcharka puppies! Our dam Sheba was bred at the veterinarian’s almost 3 weeks ago with an insemination from Solomon, our 3 year old 180 pound daddy dog. This will be the second litter …


We’re Expecting!

After appointments at the veterinarian for over a week for progesterone tests, our dam Sheba was ready to be bred yesterday. We brought both her and the sire Samson to the insemination clinic.  As it turned out, Samson’s sperm count was not high enough to try breeding, possibly because he …


The Weight is Over

We just went to the veterinarian to get Lil Bear and her Uncle Samson weighed in, as they are both approaching birthdays! As you may recall Lil Bear was born last Xmas eve and was the runt of the litter. She was the only twin and we were quite worried …